According to Experts, These Are *the* Shampoos to Use If You Have Dandruff


Dandruff is one of those pesky topics that no one ever seems to want to talk about, but we most definitely should talk about! (In fact, according to Columbia Skin Clinic, one in five people deals with dandruff.) So let’s shed the mystique shall we? While it’s incredibly common, dandruff—and its treatment—can be a little more complicated than one might think, and since a multitude of issues might be at play, it’s best to meet with a dermatologist if you’ve been experiencing new or or worsening scalp issues like flaking, itchiness, or irritation.

You’ll want to heed your doctor’s diagnosis and directions, especially since there are different types of dandruff and the intensity can vary, but your product regimen can go a long way in terms of management and treatment. Below, we’re covering some baseline questions and need-to-knows about dandruff in addition to asking trusted experts for their top recommendations when it comes to the best shampoos and conditioners for dandruff.