As the largest organ of the body, the skin plays an important role in overall health. It provides protection against external factors, like bacteria and pollution, and can even heal itself. In short, it needs to be handled with care. From properly washing your skin to ensuring it’s adequately hydrated and moisturized, you become in tune to what it needs over time. However, your skin isn’t the same from head to toe. So caring for your scalp requires a different routine than what you’d follow for your face. Yes, shampoos wash it, and, sure, scrubs help slough off dead skin and product buildup, but it can benefit from concentrated treatments, too. That’s where scalp serums come into play.

Scalp care in general has been a buzzy topic in the beauty industry as of late. With an emphasis on spa treatments like stimulating massages, the uptick in serums on the market comes with little surprise. “The scalp is skin, and being an innervated, highly vascular, and oil-rich tissue with a unique microbiome, it benefits from specialized care,” says Anabel Kingsley, trichologist, owner, and brand president of Philip Kingsley.